We have been getting a ton of questions about our microblading procedure.. 

Number 1 Question everyone has asked..


It is a semi-permanent eyebrow enhancing procedure that uses hairlike strokes drawn onto the skin with a hand held tool method. This creates the natural results. You are able to achieve thicker, darker, or even totally reshaped brows! 

What will happen?

The procedure takes about 2.5 hours. During the procedure I will map out your brows based on your facial shape and brow ratio. After you have approved the design, we will start your numbing process. It is a topical gel used over your brow area. After you have numbed, we will start the procedure. Color is custom per clients request.

Afterwards- Healing takes 6 weeks, where the first two weeks the client will experience scabbing, darkness and itchiness. After 6 weeks, you will receive a complimentary touch up! Touch ups after that are recommended ever 1-3 years at half the original price.

I won't lie to you - I have had my own brows micro bladed and shaded, there is temporary discomfort with this procedure BUT- in the end, the fact that I can go to bed and wake up and still have my eyebrows practically filled and drawn out for me, is amazing. I was totally self conscious of the lack of brows I did have, This look totally gave my face a new look and I couldn't be happier with them! 

The work going into all of the procedure is definitely perfected and customized to your preference. I am all about making you feel beautiful and happy when you leave my chair!

At Vibe, I offer both the microblading and hybrid brows.

Hybrid brows are the shading and hairlike strokes together.

I am completely microblading certified, and I was trained by the lovely lady that did my brows ( Mallory @TYM) She is amazing at what she does- so I learned from the best! I also am licensed with my cosmetology and esthetician background. 


**I am offering consults for anyone wanting to do a stenciled brow before hand to see what they think also**

I hope I did answer everyones questions about microblading and if anyone does have anything else they would like to know, you can shoot me a DM! on facebook :)

Thanks so much and I look forward to seeing you! :)









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